2016 Toyota Hilux

Considering the recent Hilux is not available in some markets, the 2016 Toyota Hilux will be a global model. This means it will for the first time in Toyota Hilux history to be in the US market. This will give a chance to view the model, test the model and the motor enthusiasts to review. The release date of 2016 Toyota Hilux is May 21. It is expected the new model to hit Australian market at the end of 2015.

2016 Toyota Hilux front view

2016 Toyota Hilux engine

The new 2016 Toyota Hilux comes with a different engine from the usual engine. The 2016 Hilux will be bigger, fuel efficient and powerful. Toyota will abandon the current 3,0 liter D4D engine, for a more reliable 2.8-liter unit, which has 4 cylinders. The new engine which is downsized and harks back the 2,8 liter freely aspirated engine in the preceding Hilux models. The automatic version produces 450Nm of torque while the manual produces 132kW and 420 Nm.

2016 Toyota Hilux spy photos

The unique GD category of engine is replacing the 1KD-FTV family engines currently in the available Hilux models. The duplicated technology in the new engine model is the intercoolers, the variable geometry turbo and rail fuel injection. The new development is this GD family is the ESTEC technology (Economy with superior Thermal, Efficient Combustion) this is facilitating fuel efficiency in use and also the better acceleration, comfort and uniqueness in 2016 Toyota Hilux. The thirsty 4.6 liter V6 of the current Hilux model will be dropped, the Japanese car maker has opted for 2.7 liter petrol, which is both automatic or manual automatic transmissions, the 2.7 is a 4 cylinder. Looking at the transmission, the old 5 and automatic 4 will be replaced with new gearboxes. The model comes with a 6 speed and 6 automatic, both of them will be available on rear and all wheel drive.

2016 Toyota Hilux

2016 Toyota Hilux redesign

In the interior, the new 2016 Toyota Hilux has no major changes, as there will be on the exterior. The Japanese carmaker retained the dashboard model. The exterior appearance has changes giving it a competitive edge over its competitor Amarok. The model is wider, taller and longer. The new 2016 Toyota Hilux model underneath is expected to have a new rear coils and springs configuration, which ensures a comfortable ride, as compared with the current leaf rung state. The model has the new chassis is based on the Tacoma.

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