2014 Toyota Tacoma Pricing

The 2014 Toyota Tacoma prices have been released by the manufacturer. The company announced changes in trim levels, small changes in Entune system (Toyota’s audio/navigation system), which of course, brought slight rise of prices. Some of the major changes are vanish of X-Runner package. Instead, we have a new SR package. Two colors for the 2014 Tacoma have been added – Silver Sky Metallic and Blue Ribbon Metallic.

2014 Toyota Tacoma Pricing

The new SR package, which is available on PreRunner and 4×4 Access Cab models, brought some features to the new Tacoma such as door handles, bumpers, new color-matched fenders and grille surround. Side mirrors as well as smoked headlights have been added too. Entune system now has the backup camera. The rearview mirror backup camera and was changed with the Entune screen. The idea is simple, the Entune has a larger screen and is thereby easier to see.

2014 Toyota Tacoma Pricing

But, lets compare prices.

2014 Toyota Tacoma price

Largest gap between old and new Tacoma models are for Tacoma Regular Cab 4×4 and Tacoma Regular Cab 4×2. Price for them rised for $ 250 respectively. For Tacoma 4×2 Access Cab price rised from $ 20,415 to $ 20,515 ($ 100). Prerunner Access Cab and Prerunner Double Cab had a smallest rise, both in percentage and amount. Both of those vehicles had a rise of $ 50, or 0,20 %. Double Cab’s new price is $ 22,625 from $ 22,525. The 2014 Tacoma 4×4 Access Cab V6, Double Cab 4×4 V6 and DBL Cab 4×4 L/B had a rise of $ 100, or 0,40 % from the 2012 Tacoma. Also, for all vehicles, destination of $ 860 is to be paid outside the mentioned prices.

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