2014 VW Amarok

VW is planning to became world’s largest automaker by 2018. To do that, they need to make their presence expanded in North America, where Toyota is the company with largest profit. VW needs to sell more vehicles, and because of that, they are planning to launch their 2014 Amarok in US market. That will be great competitor to Toyota Tahoma. The 2014 VW Amarok is commercial vehicle, and that lineup is weakness of VW. So they are making a moves to change that by sending this model and the rest of its trucks and vans to US. To became the largest automaker, VW needs to overtake Toyota’s position, and also GM. Their goal is selling 800,000 VW-brand and 200,000 Audi-brand by 2018, which would make them No1 automaker. In 2012, VW’s sold 78,633 units, which is bad result comparing to the Tacoma’s 141,365 sold units.

2014 VW Amarok

So, VW has prepared 2014 Amarok – versatile, diesel powered compact truck that could be great competitor to Tacoma. It was presented at the 2013 Wörthersee Tour tuning event in Austria. This vehicle is VW’s version of an off-road truck. A little European model, it could hardly compete with Toyota Tacoma, especially with lacking of the off road capability, which is great at Tacoma’s new model – Baja. But, with few improves and changes in design and interior, with performance upgrades, it still can be a good truck. Also, Tacoma is known as rugged and dependable truck, so there will be needed a lot of work to catch up with new Baja edition from Toyota Tacoma.

2014 VW Amarok

2014 VW Amarok engine

Under the hood,  engine performances has 3.0L V-6 turbo diesel that delivers  270 horsepower and 443 lb-ft of torque.  In comparation to the Toyota Tacoma Baja edition, its drivetrain has the 4.0L V-6 engine that produces 236 hp and 266 lb-ft of torque.

2014 VW Amarok

2014 VW Amarok interior

The Amarok R-style features lowered springs and a wide-body kit. The 2014 VW Amarok comes with a lot of carbon fiber accents and a chunky sports bar running across the back of the cab. 22-inch alloy are type of wheels used on this truck.

2014 VW Amarok

However, VW has just announced their plans, but that doesn’t mean they will enter the market immediately. Focus is on expand and US marked could use some refreshment and inovations in truck competition over North America.

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