2015 Tacoma – end of Regular cab truck?

Toyota plans to reduce the number of future models of its Tacoma offers . How could we learn from sources close to Toyota, model 2015 Toyota Tacoma will lose Regular cab version . As it stands now the change in the line Toyota Tacoma models will come before that . For the 2014 model Tacoma line will be reduced by model Tacoma X- Runner. But Toyota will not abandon those who want a sports sedan , and there will be an option to SR Package replaced by a blank space in the Tacoma line for those who like a truck.

Tacoma Regular Cab – poor sales

Toyota plans to continue to reduce the Tacoma model line in 2015 . According to information we have collected what first appeared as speculation now been decided for 2015 model Tacoma loses his well-known Regular cab models. The causes that led to the decision to Toyota decides to come out of the production of the two-door Tacoma models are primarily poor sales of this model for years . The great economic crisis that has hit the auto industry still has consequences so many car manufacturers decide to reduce the existing model line .

end of regular cab tacoma

Toyota cuts costs

Toyota is known for its long line of models. So buyers of the Toyota Tacoma could choose different variations of the model of street- oriented X- Runner to the TRD prerunner and various permutations of cab , bed and drivetrain . All this has led to a model Tacoma ‘s best-selling midsize truck on the market frequently knocking own sales records . But such lines are adopted, the increase in production costs . Because of the very low sales Toyota has decided to abolish certain models and thus shorten the line model . According to the information we have Toyota decided that for 2015 model Toyota Tacoma ‘s cab and bed variations will be streamlined for 2015 , with the regular cab slated to be dropped from the lineup .

drop regular cab for 2015 tacoma

2014 Toyota Tacoma – last Regular cab Tacoma

As the most famous midsize pickup model were Nissan Frontier , Chevrolet Colorado and Toyota Tacoma . Nissan Frontier has the option Regular cab released earlier , and even next-generation Chevrolet Colorado according to the available information will not have this option. Toyota Tacoma 2014 will be the last model will have the option Regular Cab. 2015 will be a definite end to this segment of trucks.

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