2016 GMC Canyon

Even though 2016 GMC Canyon is named as mid-size truck, its main duty is to tow big loads, so it could be placed in full-size truck segment. However, this pick up truck comes in the market in moment when there is big battle between vehicles in its segment. It will face competition in New Silverado from Chevrolet, Nissan Frontier, and the vehicle which is more popular from day to day, the 2015 Toyota Tacoma. We will see how 2016 GMC Canyon will face that trucks, and could its upgraded model reach popularity and market sales expected from it.

2016 GMC Canyon front view

2016 GMC Canyon engine

In the truck segment, the most important is to have strong engine. The 2016 GMC Canyon will get one. Will it be enough to compete with other vehicles, we will see. It comes with two options. Base models will have carried over engine from their predecessors. It is 2.5-l 4-cylinder unit. It produced around 190 hp, but it is expected to be topped from 2016 Canyon. That will be somewhere in par with 2015 Tacoma, whose base option is rated at 160 hp. Both vehicles will have stronger options. Tacoma offers 4.0-l V6 good for around 240 hp. On the other side, New Canyon will get 4.3-l V6 with output at around 250 hp. Fuel economy rates and towing capacity are not available yet for GMC Canyon, but we expect near values for both trucks.

2016 GMC Canyon interior

2016 GMC Canyon redesign

According to early rumors, new GMC Canyon will be launched refreshed comparing to current model. New platform is coming to boost visual appearance if the truck. Also, a lot of lightweight materials will be used, so overall weight of the 2016 Canyon will drop. That is the same story with New Tacoma. It has improved fuel economy because of that. Also, 2015 Toyota Tacoma has some styling refreshments, with new headlamps, bumpers and few new lines for better aerodynamics.

2016 GMC Canyon rear view

2016 GMC Canyon price

The 2016 GMC Canyon and 2015 Tacoma are two very similar trucks in many ways. Even starting price for base models of both vehicles is almost the same, set at $20.000. However, higher end models are more expensive, being closer to $40.000 mark.

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