2016 Tacoma interior changes

The 2016 Tacoma is going to be interesting vehicle. It hasn’t been too much different from previous model, but there are still some additions that make this vehicle exciting and that could be the decision-maker for buyers. Cabin is refreshed, technologies are updated, some will miss 2016 model, but also, some will be added. New 2016 Tacoma interior changes will refresh lineup in following year.

2016 Tacoma

2016 Tacoma  interior – new features

Among other things, we were lucky to spot some news on the premiere of the new Tacoma. The 2016 Tacoma interior changes are lead with all new GoPro camera. This equipment makes driving through some hard conditions more exciting, since there is possibility to record it. Also, new Tacoma will get totally new technology, called Qi wireless charging. The TRD package is changed, but we still don’t know what it brings to 2016 Tacoma. Since it was refreshed not so much time ago, this technology pack could be carried over from latest model.

2016 Tacoma interior refreshment

Cabin will be refreshed with many modifications, while most of the changes will be kept as they were. The 2016 Tacoma interior changes on upholstery are average. Cabin will look refreshed due to use of new materials, but it won’t be significant and radical turn. There are push button and blind spot monitor, which will get some updates, but most options will be kept. Dashboard will get some new lines, there is possibility to have new steering wheel and control panel.

2016 Tacoma interior

2016 Tacoma trims

Depending on a trim level, quantity of features and systems inside the 2016 Tacoma will vary. If vehicle keeps same trims, Double Cab will be bigger and more equipped model than Access Cab. However, both this styles get TRD package, partially or fully, and these are going to be the most expensive models, and 2016 Tacoma interior changes will depend of which trim buyers choose.

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