2016 Tacoma vs 2016 Hilux

Spy photographers had luck to catch new Toyota vehicles in testing. Under heavy camouflage it is not clear yet, is that new Tacoma or Hilux are tested. However, we expect both trucks in 2016 to appear refreshed, but not yet redesigned. Complete redesign is planned for 2018 season, so then new 2016 Tacoma and 2016 Hilux probably won’t get new engines. Some styling modifications are predicted, but no radical changes are announced.

2016 Tacoma vs 2016 Hilux front2016 Tacoma vs 2016 Hilux front view

2016 Tacoma vs 2016 Hilux performance

Both 2016 Hilux and 2016 Tacoma are trucks made for run across different type of roads. New Tacoma gets recently presented TRD off-road package, which should better its capabilities in this kind of terrain. There is no confirmation if 2016 year models of Toyota Hilux gets this package. However, this vehicle was very efficient during off-road drive, so no big additions are necessarily. Nevertheless, Hilux should get some improvements, and major one will be increase of towing capability. This truck can take up to 6600 lbs in its cargo area. The 2016 Tacoma is also good for towing big loads, and its rating is close to Hilux’ with 6500 lbs.

2016 Tacoma vs 2016 Hilux features

It is not strange that vehicles from same producer, usually gets same options and features. So it is with 2016 Hilux and 2016 Tacoma. These two trucks shares most of the standard Toyota equipment, stretched among different trim levels. The 2016 Tacoma comes in standard trims as its predecessors. Base vehicle is Access Cab model, and higher end variation is Double Cab truck. Same trims are prepared for 2016 Toyota Hilux. Some of the highlights of interior equipment are air-conditioning, tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel, Bluetooth phone and audio connectivity, and company especially swag about its new and improved audio system, 6.1-inch touchscreen display powered Entune with many ports for connecting different kinds of jacks.

2016 Tacoma vs 2016 Hilux side2016 Tacoma vs 2016 Hilux

2016 Tacoma vs 2016 Hilux price

It is still unknown what will be the price for new Hilux. For 2016 Tacoma, we do not expect big raise comparing to current model, so $20.000 starting tag should be hanging from new model. As we reach launching day, we are sure more details will be known for 2016 Hilux.

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