2016 Tacoma with crawl control

The 2016 Toyota Tacoma is an off-road truck. This lineup has been famous for its performance on the all kind of terrains, and it is among the best in the class. However, constant progress is needed, so for new model, Japanese producer developed new Crawl control, which should ease driver’s problems in tough moody or sand conditions. This system was implemented in previous models, but this time it comes computerized, so main worry for drivers is to steer.

2016 Tacoma with crawl control

2016 Tacoma with crawl control innovation

Most of the buyers of Tacoma, use their truck off the road. Adrenaline driving in tough terrain made it special, but problems with stucking and some obstacles that are not easy to defeat are very upsetting. That’s why engineers developed new crawl control. It features computerized sensors and controls, which do the most of the work instead of driver. This is the first time ever that some truck gets this kind of system. With it, use of the pedals for brake and accelerator has been reduced, which makes driving more simple.

2016 Tacoma with crawl control

2016 Tacoma with crawl control driver skill

In bad ground condition, driver skill is crucial in getting out of undesirable situation and preserving being stuck. With 2016 Tacoma with crawl control system, everything is much different. This addition to base model uses brakes and gas on each wheel automatically. Only skill that driver needs is to steer. That is minimum that some system can require, something similar to autopilot in planes. However, this feature is very helpful, because now, not only skilled drivers can control and avoid tough obstacles with their sense of applying gas and brake in right moments.

2016 Tacoma with crawl control

2016 Tacoma with crawl control testing

The Crawl control feature has been tested by automotive journalists on the outskirts of Seattle. Toyota put its 2016 Tacoma with crawl control into hands of journalists in tough terrain and it did not take long to convince everyone that system works excellent. Crawl control was activated after stopping the vehicle, by a single switch on control panel. System used sensors and wheels got acceleration or brake controls when needed, while driver’s job was to guide direction of 2016 Tacoma.

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