2016 Tacoma without diesel engine

Toyota rarely comes out with diesel variants for their vehicles. Some rumors suggested their newest addition, 2016 Tacoma, could be launched with diesel variant, but soon after the premiere and the start of these rumors, official statement about diesel units have been presented by company’s spokesmen. However, many reasons got us to this point.

2016 Tacoma without diesel engine

2016 Tacoma diesel engine emission

First of all, diesel engines are making a lot more CO2 emissions while using fuel. New laws are more strict about this, and there should happen many improvements and modifications on the 2016 Tacoma. This is long and costly period, and economics from the company are not sure if it is going to pay off. Also, another problem could be Tier 3 regulations, which is about to take effect from 2017. This, placed by the Environmental Protection Agency, is making diesel-powered light vehicles harder to grant permissions. They need to reduce tailpipe emission and this is very hard to achieve.

2016 Tacoma diesel engine price

As already said, price for develop of the new diesel engine wouldn’t pay off to company. However, 2016 Tacoma is very attractive truck, and diesel units would have excellent selling records, but it wouldn’t cover all costs. Experts predicted that diesel-powered Tacoma should cost $3000 more than regular truck, just because of new emission system reducer,  to be interesting for further development. Buyers don’t like it. Also, another point is price of the diesel fuel. Now it cost more than gasoline, so it is another con to this kind of powertrain.

2016 Tacoma

2016 Tacoma diesel mpg

Diesel powered unit should have better fuel economy from regular, gasoline model. Predicted MPG rate for 2016 Tacoma is around 19. Diesel could have around 20-21, but it still wouldn’t cover all costs in developing phase for engine and emission systems. This is a single pro for diesel unit, but in final count, experts are together in thought that this job wouldn’t be profitable to Japanese carmaker.

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  1. There really is no way to justify a diesel option in these (or similar) trucks. They are barely justifiable in 1/2 ton fulls size trucks. Between the initial cost of purchase and the added cost of fuel, the owner will be in the hole as long as they own the truck. If they could find some way to gain 50% or better in fuel efficiency in diesel over unleaded things would be different.

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