2016 Toyota Hilux

The 2016 Toyota Hilux vehicle is closely related to launch date of new Tacoma, so it is expected to see many similarities between these two trucks. This vehicle has been spotted recently and according to spy shots, it seems many changes will be applied to 2016 Hilux.

2016 Toyota Hilux

2016 Toyota Hilux and Tacoma platform

On these photos we can see outlook of 2016 Toyota Hilux. It was heavy camouflaged, but uncovered enough so we can have some clues. New platform is being prepared from Toyota, the one for all its models. From what we can see on spy shots, many changes will be made on 2016 Toyota Hilux, and there are many similarities to what we know about new Tacoma, so it is probable that these two models will share concept. However, new platform should bring better development and more savings. With same platform we expect 2016 Hilux and new Toyota Tacoma to differ in body style and powertrain options, while many other features will be common.

2016 Toyota Hilux

2016 Hilux vs Toyota Tacoma

Many parts and features are to be shared between new models of Hilux and Tacoma. First obvious difference is bed size. The 2016 Toyota Hilux is to be rounder than new Toyota Tacoma. Tacoma’s styling is more boxier, while Hilux is more elegant and smoother. Usually, Tacoma was better equipped inside, but new platform could bring same features and options for cabin. Also, same upholstery solutions could be made. But, US buyers are more demanding, and they expect more luxury inside. So, do not be surprises if we get these two vehicles in very different trim levels. Base models of 2016 Toyota Hilux and new Tacoma should be the same.

2016 Toyota Hilux

2016 Toyota Hilux and Tacoma on market

Except US, 2016 Hilux and Tacoma’s main markets could be in Thailand. It is a bit surprisingly, but market numbers showing us it is not by accident. Thailand is the largest mid-size truck market in the world. US buyers loves big, full-size trucks, but best sales results, Toyota and other mid-size trucks builders have there. GM vehicles have already exploited this area, so we expect it is time for Toyota to turn its attention to this part of the world.

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