2016 Toyota Tacoma Interior

Tacoma is one of the leading vehicles in entire Toyota lineup for US. It holds top spot in selling and now that rank is threatened by other manufacturers. Especially US companies are trying to make new order, with Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon. However, response from Japanese carmaker is fast, with new 2016 year vehicle set to arrive at upcoming Detroit Car show. Since design and engine modifications won’t be radical, everyone expect major changes for 2016 Toyota Tacoma interior. It could be more big modification, with a lot of updates and upgrades, and additions, rather than complete change of look.

2016 Toyota Tacoma

2016 Toyota Tacoma interior styling

Since interior is as important as exterior and outlook, Toyota will give its best to make the design of 2016 Toyota Tacoma interior sophisticated and modern. First of all, for new trucks, they use premium materials. Upholstery and seats are usually made of genuine leather, but it depends on trim level. Higher trims get more quality equipment and, of course, better equipment.

2016 Toyota Tacoma interior

2016 Toyota Tacoma interior features

The new Tacoma will come at next car show in Detroit. We could guess which accessories could be packed inside, unless something new is developed especially for 2016 Toyota Tacoma interior. First of all, new truck will have better cabin electronics. Also, integration is upgraded, especially for smartphones. LED lights inside the cabin are prepared and also power outlet.

2016 Toyota Tacoma interior

2016 Toyota Tacoma entune

From infotainment side, we expect new Entune to appear as a part of 2016 Toyota Tacoma interior. This app will be made for many platforms, including Apple and Android. However, this app gives you opportunity to find many information at one place – gas track prices, weather conditions and traffic. Navigation is also part of the Entune, while biggest negative mark stands for user interface. However, we assume that will be fixed or somehow solved for 2016 Tacoma.

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