2016 Toyota Tacoma mpg

We are getting closer to 2015 Auto Show in Detroit, which is probably largest show in the World. That summit will host debuts from many cars, but one of the most awaited will be 2016 Toyota Tacoma. We are still not sure about many details, so until premiere, we need to wait to be sure with information about new Tacoma. However, except design changes and updates, we are sure that 2016 Toyota Tacoma mpg rate and durability will be upgraded.

2016 Toyota Tacoma mpg

2016 Toyota Tacoma MPG rate

First of all, new Tacoma should be significantly lighter than previous model. It is due to larger use of lightweight materials. The 2016 Tacoma will use a lot more aluminum and carbon-fiber, which leads to weight drop and less consumption. Current model has 21/25 mpg rate for city and highway drive. However, some higher trims, with AWD and stronger powertrain takes more fuel. For 2016 Toyota Tacoma mpg is predicted a boost of 1-2 miles per gallon. However, top of the class models could give less mileage, according to rumors, it will be 17 mpg for city and 21 mpg for highway drive. It all depends on which engine is going to be placed under the hood of 2016 Tacoma.

2016 Toyota Tacoma mpg

2016 Toyota Tacoma engine

We are sure that base models of new Tacoma will get V6 unit. Official information is not released yet, but 2.7-l unit from current model could be carried over. It could get some updates, so performance should be the same. On the other side, rumors tell that new 5.3-l V8 could be a unit for new Tacoma. Transmission is certainly going to be 6-speed automatic for better fuel economy. Some trims could get 7- and 8-speed gearbox. Also, I4 is predicted, with direct injection. However, in Detroit, we will probably see base model, while all other could come after market appearance, which will follow the debut for a few months.

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