2016 Toyota Tacoma Redesign

Model 2016 Toyota Tacoma should finally bring major redesign. Model Tacoma is quite a long time did not significantly change and the fans of this model are eager some major changes. In this blog you can read the latest information about 2016 Toyota Tacoma redesign.

2016 Toyota Tacoma redesign – what will be changed

Interior of 2016 Tacoma expect the biggest changes. Expected Luxury Trim Package on offer. This package brings multiple-way power-adjustable seats, heated seats, heated steering wheel, leather trim and custom styling in the interior. Within this package is expected to be a few extra colors on offer. Luxury Trim Package is an extremely cost-effective for producers because it brings high profit and that is one more reason to see it in the 2016 Tacoma model.

2016 Toyota Tacoma redesign

Based on research conducted by Toyota fans of this model are searching iluminated knobs for the 2016 Tacoma. This is just one of the little things that will contribute to the better-looking 2016 Toyota Tacoma. Within the 2016 Toyota Tacoma redesign are expected smaller change in the exterior of the vehicle. Model 2016 Tacoma brings an improved aerodynamics, which results in less air resistance.

2016 Toyota Tacoma redesign – new engine options

Toyota for a long time did not change the offer powertrain  for model Tacoma. The 2016 Toyota Tacoma redesign should include changes of the engine. Still not sure what changes to expect there. According to some speculations, it is possible that within a large 2016 Toyota Tacoma redesign find items and one diesel engine. Some rumors speak of the diesel-electric hybrid option, but the big question is how these rumors are correct.

2016 Toyota Tacoma redesign

It is expected that the situation will be much clearer in a few months when it will be much more to know about the 2016 Toyota Tacoma redesign. What is also very likely is that Toyota will offer more speeds on the transmission. It is expected that the 2016 Tacoma offer a 6-speed ​​automatic transmission. The change is aimed at better results mpg. Of course, it is expected that the 2016 Tacoma have a manual gearbox on offer, but the trend is that we see less and less manual transmissions offered every year.

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  1. I owned a 2006 to coma , and I have been contemplating buying another. However, due to the lack of improvements made, I chose not . Every other manufacturers I have several changes in their design, p I wertrain, but toyota did nothing.
    For one thing, I would like to see they one manual transmission, morr horsepower/ torques, even the desire model moon roof added.
    Don’t thing that your is the best because the competition is catching up!

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