2016 Toyota Tacoma unveiled

Detroit is the center of the car world in January. All fans, enthusiasts, manufacturers and all connected to car industry are following the largest car show. That’s why many companies made some major unveilings and premieres for Detroit. This year, shown was stolen when 2016 Toyota Tacoma unveiled its latest model. We haven’t seen too much, but it confirmed some earlier rumors telling that 2016 will bring redesign of this model. New Tacoma will bring new level to midsize pickup segment. A lot of improvements are made, so all fans will eagerly wait more info about developing of the 2016 Tacoma.

2016 Toyota Tacoma unveiled

2016 Toyota Tacoma interior

With 2016 Toyota Tacoma unveiled, we could see new design. Both exterior and interior are updated. Inside the cabin, we will have many new features. There are Qi wireless charging, which is pretty new technology in the industry. Also, revisited push button start and blind spot monitor are installed. GoPro camera is part of wide equipment palette and it should help all drivers to record their adventures with new Tacoma. Also, upholstery is slightly revisited, with not so radical changes. Dashboard, steering wheel, shift knob will get just slight refresh.

2016 Toyota Tacoma unveiled side view

2016 Toyota Tacoma exterior

Outside, experts say that 2016 Tacoma is a copy of Tundra, and some think its appearance derived from 4Runner. So, thoughts are not changed after 2016 Toyota Tacoma unveiled. Pickup truck is redesigned, with more attractive look gained from narrow headlights and angular grille. These who are telling that 2016 Tacoma have similarities with 4Runner, are proving that with some new exterior body lines.

2016 Toyota Tacoma unveiled rear view

2016 Toyota Tacoma engine

Although there is not too much time before the launch of the 2016 Tacoma, we still don’t have confirmed specs of the truck. But, we heard that vehicle will compete on a new level, with boosted performance. A 3.5-l V6 is a main suspect to be hidden under the hood of 2016 Toyota Tacoma, with direct injection system, and 6-speed gearbox to send power to wheels. New TRD package, crawl control and multi-terrain selection system will be part of features which should improve 2016 Toyota Tacoma performance.

2016 Toyota Tacoma unveiled new engine

2016 Toyota Tacoma release, price and competition

The 2016 Toyota Tacoma unveiled its look, but many things remain shadowy. For example, we are still waiting on information about price and release. However, there are some gossips about dealership appearance by the end of this year. Nevertheless, this wasn’t confirmed from company. Main competitors will have their redesigned models out, waiting for new Tacoma. These are Chevrolet Colorado, GMC Canyon and Nissan Frontier.

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