2016 Toyota Tacoma with GoPro camera

Japanese carmaker got us used to their lucid details and solutions for many styling features. Toyota has been leader in innovations, and many other companies should be lead by this example. For 2016 Tacoma, company decided to make partnership with camera maker GoPro. This popular product makes new Tacoma more interesting, because Toyota put this camera on its most popular truck. You could expected to see GoPro camera used by some attractive, sport car, but Japanese manufacturer came first to idea which will be implemented into 2016 Toyota Tacoma.

2016 Toyota Tacoma with GoPro camera

2016 Toyota Tacoma competition

Tacoma is one of the best selling trucks in the US. However, their supremacy is being threatened by new releases by competition, especially Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon. That was the reason why Japanese carmaker made a breakthrough with innovations and new features, including 2016 Toyota Tacoma with GoPro camera. It is one of the reasons why we could expect boost in sales records for upcoming model.

2016 Toyota Tacoma with GoPro camera

2016 Toyota Tacoma redesign

Except GoPro addition to its features list, 2016 Toyota Tacoma is redesigned. For the record, new styling includes more space in the cabin, which is loaded with many systems. Installation of the GoPro camera is the first appeasance of such feature in any vehicle.

2016 Toyota Tacoma with GoPro camera

Cooperation with GoPro

Japanese company came to idea for 2016 Toyota Tacoma with GoPro camera by looking at the videos took by users of the truck. Recording off-road adventures by other cameras was pretty interesting to drivers and passengers, and knowing that GoPro is a leader in action filming technology, this cooperation was simply great idea. However, this feature doesn’t come standard with the truck, so all drivers who want one camera on their Tacoma will pay $400 extra for it.

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