2017 Toyota Tacoma redesign

In 2017 we expect redesign of Toyota’s most favorite truck, Tacoma. That vehicle is going to get some new, very attractive features, which haven’t been seen before, so all truck lovers are going to be excited about these. Off-road performance will be improved, as well as design and infotainment, but that is only a part of all that 2017 Toyota Tacoma redesign brings.

2017 Toyota Tacoma redesign - front

2017 Toyota Tacoma redesign  – crawl control

Crawl control, as a part of 2017 Toyota Tacoma redesign, is going to be most attractive features. Company discovered that half of drivers are using truck in off road. Often, there are tough situations, where Tacoma can get into trouble, or some obstacle that need experience to overcome. With Crawl control, it is very hard to get stuck into mud or sand. This system is computerized, and driver doesn’t need big skills any more, since this feature automatically gives throttle or brake. With Crawl control, only job left for driver is to keep direction of new Tacoma.

2017 Toyota Tacoma redesign - side view

2017 Toyota Tacoma redesign  – GoPro camera

This is the first time that GoPro installs their product in some vehicle. Without surprise, it is Tacoma. Drivers of the truck, often record their adventures while off-roading with mobile phone cameras, so two companies decided to make them easier, with GoPro camera. That is one of the many features 2017 Toyota Tacoma redesign will offer, which should raise interest in this model.

2017 Toyota Tacoma redesign - rear view

2017 Toyota Tacoma redesign – engine

Base engine for new truck remains the same. It is 2.7-l 4-cylinder unit with rear-wheel drive. This and other powertrain options are available with all-wheel drive system. While standard drivetrain is unchanged, higher end models get different engine. For current model, it is 4.0-l V6 mated to 5-speed auto or a six-speed manual gearbox, ready to deliver 236 hp and 266 lb-ft of torque. The 2017 Toyota Tacoma redesign has transformed it to 3.5-liter V6 powertrain that uses D-4S technology. Paired with 6-speed manual transmission, it can produce more power. Mileage won’t change a lot, although new 2017 Tacoma could use more lightweight materials. Estimated fuel economy remains around 20 mpg combined.

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