2017 Toyota Tacoma

As all fans of trucks expect new 2016 Tacoma premiere, which is set for upcoming Detroit car show, engineers in Toyota are not relaxing. With new model still to be presented, they are already preparing 2017 Toyota Tacoma. Upcoming model will have slight modifications, and not all details are known before its launch, so that means it could be very hard to know what will we get with model after upcoming. We are sure that people in Toyota will listen to their customers, and will deliver better, attractive and more economical Tacoma.

2017 Toyota Tacoma

2017 Toyota Tacoma redesign

Some experts think that 2017 is a year for redesign. Model for 2016 is slightly changed comparing to current model. It could happen that 2017 Toyota Tacoma will start new generation of vehicles, with new look and powertrains. But, we strongly believe that won’t happen then, but will be left for some other occasion. The 2017 Tacoma will get slight changes, and company is launching it just to refresh the lineup. Keeping up with competition is most important in car business, and people in Toyota are just doing that with 2017 Tacoma.

2017 Toyota Tacoma competition

Truck competition in US is very hard. Japanese carmaker realized that they must keep pace with all innovations and reaction is needed to all opponents’ moves. Their main rivals in US are preparing new models for 2017. When it comes, 2017 Toyota Tacoma will face GMC Canyon and Dodge Dakota, which has advantage because these are domestic trucks with longer tradition of sales in US, and that is what is hardest obstacle to pass for all foreign companies. Also, there is competition from other Japanese companies. Most expectations are on new Nissan Frontier, which is rival in Tacoma’s homeland.

2017 Toyota Tacoma rear view

2017 Toyota Tacoma price

With similar trim levels, design and engine, we expect the similar price for 2017 Toyota Tacoma. However, depending on chosen trim and options, price will go higher. New TRD package is expected for this vehicle, and base models with base off-road addition could start from $22.000. Higher-end models, with Pro TRD trim are expected closer to $30.000 mark.

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