2018 Toyota Tacoma changes

Toyota is planning new vehicle for next season. Their favorite pickup Tacoma is coming with changes comparing to current vehicle. Nevertheless, these are just cosmetic modifications. Fans don’t expect anything big or spectacular. However, refresh is certain, so 2018 Toyota Tacoma changes are going to bring some differences between it and current truck. However, that doesn’t solve doubt – should the fans buy existing version, or there is a reason for waiting next edition. Experts are not sure yet, since there is a lot of missing information about pickup. However, Toyota will aim selling record boost, although 2016 year version was top on charts.

2018 Toyota Tacoma changes

2018 Toyota Tacoma changes equipment

Maybe most certain 2018 Toyota Tacoma changes are coming in cabin. Safety is one of the top priorities on all vehicles from Japanese carmaker. So, further improvements are certain there. It is worth of waiting to see if company is adding TSS-P system. With lane departure warning and correction of steering, it is major help for all drivers. Emergency braking and high-beam lights are part of this package. Current Tacoma offers 31 different models. Differences are in trim levels, cab configurations and equipment. There is TRD package which can suffer more modifications for 2018 year model.

2018 Toyota Tacoma changes bed

2018 Toyota Tacoma changes engine

The 2018 Toyota Tacoma changes on engine are not so certain. We would rather say that truck is coming with same options. There are four-cylinder and V-6 in the mix. Smaller one is 2.7-l displacement with capability of producing 165 hp and 190 lb-ft of torque. It uses 5-speed transmission as its power router. A 3.5-l V-6 provides 280 hp. Torque is at 270 lb-ft, which is enough for most challenges drivers will get into with Tacoma. Manual or automatic, 6-speed transmission mates to this engine.

2018 Toyota Tacoma changes front

2018 Toyota Tacoma changes release

New truck will come during last part of this year. We will see all 2018 Toyota Tacoma changes when it hits dealerships. One of them is in price. Base units will start again from $25,000. There will be most of 31 trims present again, and most expensive is pickup carries TRD package and costs above $40,000.

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