Hilux vs Tacoma

While Tacoma is the most known Toyota’s compact truck, another vehicle keeps top selling position within this company. Toyota Hilux is maybe less familiar than Tacoma, but stats and numbers are telling otherwise. World wide sales of the Hilux was 500,000 units, and on the other hand, better configuration and more engine choices make this vehicle on the top outside of the US.

Toyota Hilux

Hilux as world wide truck

Maybe Tacoma is the No1 sales truck in USA, but Toyota should follow some leads from Hilux. First step is to make Tacoma a world wide truck. We can see Hilux all over the world – in Thailand as ferry; in Panama making it’s way through jungle roads; in Libya as military vehicle. That is all ad for Hilux, and in many lights. Tacoma is “fun” truck, and Tundra is made for work.

Then, diesel engines are very popular between truck owners. They are more powerful and they have better fuel economy for things that trucks are supposed to do. In short – diesel engines are perfect for trucks. In Tacoma, it would be small 3.0l engine with 25-30 mpg consumption in city ride. On the other hand, Toyota will be more interested to put hybrid engine in Tacoma, rather than diesel. Anyway, diesel vehicles sales have risen for 35 percent, so Toyota could reconsider their plans.

Toyota Hilux

Hilux as more powerful truck

The Hilux was always synonym for tough vehicle. It’s chassis was strong and in many talks mentioned as indestructible. In some BBC shows it was tried to be destroyed, but all efforts from people in Top Gear show were unsuccessful. Hilux won. Well, differently from Tacoma, Hilux is taken as full size truck, while Tacoma is mid sized, and that’s why it’s chassis is stronger and more solid.

Toyota Hilux

We also mentioned more configurations for Hilux. However, mutual for both Tacoma and Hilux are single, extra and double cab options and 2WD and 4WD. And then, Hilux as an extra offers a cab and chassis, which means a Hilux can be outfitted to wear a van body. You can pick manual or automatic transmissions on all available engines, and these are two diesel and three gas powertrains, all different. And one more thing which is important for trucks – its load capacity is over 2500 pounds.

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  1. Dear friend, I live in a country were both Hilux and Tacoma are sold. I recently bought the Tacoma, for the following reasons: Diesel in my country has more than 500ppm of sulfur, that translate in shorter engine life, diesel engine noisier (less comfortable), diesel maintenance more expensive, diesel and gasoline prices very similar, suspension on the Tacoma is much much much comfortable, perceived quality on the Tacoma much higher, 8 airbags on the Tacoma vs 2 on Hilux, VSC on Tacoma vs No VSC on Hilux, more versatile rear seat on Tacoma.
    Tacoma is not a popular choice here, I think for every 100 Hilux, maybe 2 Tacoma sold. But I tested them both back to back, and made my numbers ($) with a cold head, and over a 4 year period they will both end costing the same, so I went with the more comfortable one, even though the resale value at the end remains to be seen.
    Just a note, they both are the same length, but the Tacoma wheelbase is a little longer.

    • Hello Jina, I have a 4 door Toyota Tacoma 4×4 v6 (2015) Truck. Are the seats the same as the Hilux? I want to see if we can pattern the seat cover for the Hilux for our Tacoma.
      Please advise.

  2. i wish we can also get TACOMA in southern africa – in south africa and southern africa HULIX is the most popular pick up – hope we will get the TACOMA in the future

  3. Wish I could get the HiLux here in America. I have a 2003 Tacoma and then rented for a weekend a 2014 Tacoma to try it out and when I went for a drive on the beach I found the over hood visibility in the newer Tacoma is awful. Hard to pick lines and tell where the tires are. the Hilux looks like it has vastly better over the hood visibility. Tacoma has lost its roots. Must be designed by non truck guys or at least ones that do not use their trucks. I was thinking of buying but will wait till 2016 model to see if visibility is improved.

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