Increased sales of Toyota Tacoma

Tacoma is one of the best selling Toyota’s product. But, dealer’s demands have raised, so company is considering changing of the production to reach dealer’s needs. One of the possibilities is to move production to another facility. Taking seriously feedbacks from dealers, which reported that sales of Tundra and Tacoma has raised, Toyota is making plans how to feed the needs of the market. It is possible to move away Toyota Tacoma, so Tundra could be only vehicle made in some facilities. People in Toyota are still thinking and analyzing all details.

Toyota Tacoma factories

Toyota Tacoma factories

There are two large factories where are Toyota vehicles are made. First is in San Antonio, Texas, where capacity is about 250,000 units of Tacoma and Tundra. This number can be tweaked for around 7,000 more, but it won’t satisfy the market. Other factory is in Tijuana, Mexico. This one can add 50,000 trucks, but those are made mostly for Canada and Mexico.

Sales of Toyota Tacoma are much better than Tundra. But, if offered in more trim levels, sales of Tundra units could raise above Tacoma’s level. That is the main catch which make headaches for people in Toyota. Other one is place of production.

Toyota Tacoma line

New Toyota Tacoma truck production?

There are rumors from users of Toyota Tacoma, that units made in San Antonio have lost in quality. But, this rumor is unfounded. Better explanation is that it could be better production if only one line of the vehicle is produced in each factory. So, it means that either Tacoma or Tundra will be improved if it is produced in single plant, so focus from the management would be improved. This change is very important for Toyota Tacoma if it wants to keep up with General Motors’ mid-size trucks. There is no doubt will some changes happen, it is only matter of time and amount of money which Toyota will invest in truck production.

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