Toyota Tacoma Entune system

Toyota, as a response to other companies’ infotainment systems, has developed its own. Since Toyota paid a lot of attention to comfort and joy of a ride in their vehicles, designers decided to add something new to their vehicles. New infotainments system, called Entune, has most of the latest applications and hi-tech in-car equipment which could be found in modern vehicles, including navigation, satellite radio, safety systems, and many other stuff. However, Toyota has different range of features installed with Entune, and probably Tacoma is most stuffed with them.

Entune System

Toyota Tacoma Entune system – history

Tacoma was among vehicles with very first Entune system back in 2012, when this was launched. Back then, it was used mostly for navigation, with many useful additional features, such as traffic control and weather info. The Entune system also could provide latest information from many areas. Except Tacoma, Entune was included in almost complete 2012 Toyota lineup, so 4Runner, Tundra, Camry, Corolla and other vehicles of that year got it. Since then, the Entune is inevitable part of Tacoma and entire Toyota family.

toyota entune multimedia system

Toyota Tacoma Entune system – features

Nowadays, Entune system reached to its 7th suite. First of all, you will see that the system is controlled from large touchscreen display on the center of the dashboard. For Tacoma, it will be range from 6.1 to 8-inches. New Entune kept its base functions, with navigation, weather and traffic information available, as well as some features for other information, from sport, stock exchange, etc. From central display you can see tire pressure, gas consumption and other vital information. Latest addition to Entune system is connectivity to smart-phone devices. For that Toyota prepared many applications, such as Bing, iHeartRadio, MovieTickets.com and Pandora music package. Depending on buyers and drivers likes, apps could be added or removed. There are also some additional and extra features which could be purchased, such as JBL Premium Audio package. However, Entune system for Tacoma guarantee a lot of fun for passengers in new models in this Toyota’s truck.

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