Toyota Tacoma Fuel Economy

Japanese carmaker needs to have more efficient vehicles. According to latest reports, they plan to make big moves with its Tacoma, one of the favorite models among buyers. It could happen that already with 2015 Toyota Tacoma we get diesel engine as an option. With fuel prices rising, it is questionable how good this move is.

Toyota Tacoma

Toyota Tacoma Fuel Prices

This is big gamble. If price of diesel go to Toyota plans, Tacoma would probably become No1 vehicle if you calculate economy, and probably one of the most selling one. However, this is unforeseeable prediction. If we go few years back, we can see that price of diesel have fluctuated more than the price of gasoline. At this moment, it is stable, but who knows what could happen. If the price raises, that would be disaster for Toyota Tacoma. Also, taxes could be problematic, because it could happen something similar to taxes raise in 1990s. Then, government in US added extra tax for diesel fuel. However, last year was very unstable for diesel. In last quarter diesel was selling for $119 to $130 per barrel, and in same time gasoline was selling for as low as $99 a barrel.

Toyota Tacoma fuel economy

Fuel Prices and Vehicle Selling Connection

Toyota Tacoma is making big step with the plan to put diesel option under its hood. But, according to selling reports from last couple of years, this could be understood. Number of diesel-powered vehicles has been increased in last year by 3% and it is expected to hit 6-9% by 2020. Also, in Europe, market is divided by half between diesel and petrol engines, but diesel powertrains expect to raise their number. Also, it has been spotted that all countries in economical growth has been looking for more diesel. Also, some other structures are finding using of this type of fuel more payable.

Toyota Tacoma fuel economy

Future of Diesel

Supply of diesel fuel is rising. This fuel is more profitable and easier to produce to refineries. It is not refined, but is cheaper to produce than gasoline. But, with the rising global need for diesel, it is easy to happen that price could go up also. Difference between fuels are $1 per gallon, and if that changes in favor of gasoline, few MPGs different won’t be enough to diesel to win the battle.

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