Toyota Tacoma PreRunner

The Toyota Tacoma PreRunner is a variation of regular Tacoma. It is part of its lineup, but is has some unique specifications and parts making it more interesting. The PreRunner shares trim levels and some other features with other Tacoma and its main characteristic is that comes with V6 and rear-wheel drive, while there are other Tacoma vehicles available with inline-four engines and four-wheel drive.

Toyota Tacoma Prerunner front view

Toyota Tacoma Prerunner features

The Toyota Tacoma Prerunner has a SR package features included. It shares options and accessories with 4-wheel drive Tacoma models – Access Cab and Double Cab. Unique for this trim are special color palette and 16-inch, black-colored alloy wheels. There are turn signals installed on mirrors and headlights could be purchased in smoked variant. Fog lights come standard. There are some additional options for better off-road performance. These are increased front ride height and side graphics, with Bilstein shocks and cat-back exhaust.

Toyota Tacoma Prerunner side view

Toyota Tacoma Prerunner and Regular Tacoma differences

Previous versions of Tacoma PreRunner had many unique differences from regular and other models of Tacoma. First of all, PreRunner is wider, for about 2 inches. It is also higher for 2 inches than base Tacoma. This off-road vehicle have better performance because of more ground clearance. There is additional 1.5 inches of space there. This truck’s main function is to tow, and Tacoma PreRunner can do it better than base options. This vehicle can haul 200 lbs more and it could be because of bigger wheels. Regular Tacoma is equipped with 15-inchers, and PreRunner has 1 inch more in scope. Rear axle is higher, and Toyota Tacoma Prerunner has something that regular model doesn’t – skid plates. Brakes, steering and more parts are also differences between Toyota Tacoma PreRunner and base model.

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